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White Braid Round Rattan Bag

Rattan Bag

White Braid Round Rattan Bag

sold out

White Braid Round Rattan Bag


Who doesn't love rattan bag? We have seen many fashion bloggers wear this bag with such a style. You don't need to fly to Bali to get these beauties as we make them available to you at a great price. An absolute must for anyone who loves fashion.

This bag is handmade by expert artists in Bali specifically for MIKUKUMI and to our specification. We then added our own design twist and manually altered this product to make it one of a kind. We love pom pom and tassel so we created a combination of pom pom/ tassel keychain that made from wool/cotton. It will definitely make the bag look super cute and different from anyone else's. And also please note since this is a handmade product, each bag will come with different batik print lining that you will love.

Please make sure you choose the pompom options at the listing.


- Handwoven ata

- Leather strap

- Printed traditional batik fabric lining

- Leather clasp

- Leather strap length is approx 43" - 46"

- Dimension 20cm: 7.75" x 2.75" (will fit iPhone 7/8, iPhone X & iPhone PLUS)

FUN FACTS: People think that this is made from 100% rattan thus calling it rattan bag although it is more complicated than that. Each bag is a combination of two or more materials. The natural brown bags weaving is made from a different material which is called ata (fern plant group) although the frame is made of rattan. The white ones' are a modern synthetic material instead of ata bringing a fresh modern touch to this exotic design.

DISCLAIMER: To make this item long lasting and to bring out its natural brown color, the bags are then manually smoked using coconut husk. Due to this process, the bag will have smokey scent. We can suggest to air it out with some dryer sheets if you don't like the scent. Some absolutely love it!!

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